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Visit King Auto Spa Today for the most impeccable interior car detailing in town. Our interior detailing is a complete service that includes a extensive cleaning of your vehicle interior. Our interior detailing service, price and staff simply cannot be beat.

We are the local experts in interior car detailing. Visit our shop or call for pickup service from the best interior car detailing. Interior auto detailing does not get better than this.

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Interior car detailing

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The best car interior detailing


GTA has many auto interior and detailing services to choose from. But at King Auto Spa, we surpass the norm. Our car detailing services are affordable, efficient and dependable. Our trustworthy staff knows everything there is to know about car interior detailing.

Does your car need interior detailing? Call us today!

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Our Services


The entire interior is vacuumed – including seats, flooring and hard-to-access spaces in between.

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Carpet Clean

Steam-cleaning, spot clean, shampooing and deep treatments restore the life of your carpet.

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Nooks and Crannies

Door jambs, consoles, panels, vents, windows, and everything in between is cleaned.

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