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We guarantee spectacular results. The team at King Auto Spa are the new go-to experts in auto detailing. Interior car detailing, exterior car wash, ceramic coating, waxing and buffing with care and attention to detail make us the most popular car cleaning service. Our interior car detailing is unbeatable. You will not find a more qualified and friendly car cleaning service in town.

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Our Services

Interior Detailing

Our full interior clean includes vacuuming, shampooing, dressing and window care.

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Exterior Detailing

This exclusive package includes exterior washing, buffing, waxing and dressing treatment.

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Speciality Cleaning

Whether you need steam disinfection, odor removal, pet hair removal or stain removal, we can help.

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Engine Wash

Our team will degrease, shine, shampoo and condition your engine until it purrs like new.

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Exterior Hand Wash

Enjoy a full exterior hand wash with a foam brush, chamois dry, tire dressing and rim cleaning

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Custom Detailing

For specialty vehicles, we provide customized expert detailing services at affordable pricing.

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic car coating is one of the most popular options for owners wanting to protect their vehicles. Not only does it protect your vehicle from any external forces, prevent scratches and marks, but it also improves its appearance and colour. Get your car paint protection by professionally applied Ceramic Coating.

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We provide every service you need to make your car feel new again. Our auto detailing services will make every single make and model of vehicle feel like new.

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