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Book an incredible car polishing service in King City today! Discover friendly staff, affordable prices, and a reliable car waxing service. We are the best in all of King City. Imagine a professional car polish service right in King City.

Preserve the shine of your vehicle with frequent car polishing.

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car polishing service king city

Your car will shine!


Protect your vehicle with our dependable car polishing service. In King City, our professional car polish service, waxing and buffing at King Auto Spa provides an exceptional car polishing service.

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Our Services

Hand Wax

Hand car waxing services in King City will make your vehicle shine like new.

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Hand Polish

Enhance the look of your car with professional car polish service in King City.

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Car Wax, Buff and Polish

In King City and around, get the best high speed wax, buffing and polish.

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